Statement english

I work in a variety of media, including single-channel videos, installations, experimental films,  photomontages, photography and also collages. I’m interested in how to represent infinity and emptiness, and the best way to represent this has been through continuous flow. Everything that can represent this constant and uninterrupted movement. A place where no exist duality. Overlapping layers of waves, clouds, hair, skin, horizons, mind thinking , memories and forgettings are your essencial materials.  Sound works also with smell and cartography’s complement some installations where is important activate the far memories and the forgetting borders are recreated telling real and unreal stories from people. 

As in the film and in my photo-montages, collage gives me this ability to ”edit” a great mix of my images and fragments of appropriate images. My work with collage has surprised me greatly. I believe in a strong connection with the collage and film so I think I found a best link between the experimental and audio-visual, by my movies, and a way to create a new narrative, through my collages. The appropriation of images and their reuse and recycling by itself is also a continuation in the metalanguage of the continuous flow which brings me to infinity, the emptiness .